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Sometimes a little freedom to execute your decisions is all it takes to make a game enjoyable. There are many games out there today that allow users to set the course of the game. Coming from Pixelberry Studios, Choices Stories You Play is a new-age interactive game with a unique interface that makes it attractive for the gamers.

Some players simply enjoy playing the game at the allowed pace, and others like to speed things up a bit. Some are content with earning Choices free diamonds from the game itself, and others spend real money from their wallet. Games like Choices are all about the Choices. And when those choices cost you resources, you should make sure that you have them. To not let the thrill settle and to try every single new story that comes in the collection, all you need is access to Choices free keys and diamonds. With Choices Pixelberry game, you get to make choices and decide what happens in your game. There are many things that the game allows you to do, and many resources that make it enjoyable. This Choices game hack will only make this experience up to one notch.

Before we tell you about actual working Choices cheats and tell you how to choose the best Choices hack, it is good to know a little about the game itself. Storytelling games like this one are viral. Therefore knowing a little about Choices: stories you play would help you understand how this game is different from the others out there. This would help you appreciate this Choices Stories You Play hack a little more.

Whether you have been playing the game for days or whether you are downloading it for the first time, this Choices Game online generator is for every type of player. The type of device on which you play the game is also not a problem.

Choices Stories You Play the online game – an overview

Pixelberry launched this game when interactive story mode games were still a nascent concept in the market. With its bold move, the publisher went on to deliver consistent gaming experience, which has now made this game one of the most popular options in both iOS and Android app markets.

Do you like to have things your way? This game gives you an absolute sense of control right from the beginning. It comes as relatively small file size for the kind of features the game brings. Remember that this is an online game, and you need an active internet connection to play it, at all times. You would find a prompt that lets you choose between logging in using your Facebook account or to play as a guest. The second option doesn’t let you save game progress. If you wish to play Choices across multiple devices, then you would have to log in and save your game data. Wherever you access the game, you can then pick from where you left earlier.

The game loads pretty fast, and therefore you would be able to jump into gaming mode after installing it quickly. Using the game on a slow internet connection would also not be a problem.

Supported Devices

This game is available for iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets with different screen sizes. Choices iOS Game is available for devices running iOS 9 and above. Choices Android Game is available for devices running Android 4.1 and up.

What is this game all about?

There are many stories presented in the form of books. Each book comes with multiple chapters. Some books come as series with an excellent continuation with their predecessors. You can, therefore, experience connectivity between your new book and the one you already completed.

These stories are all categorized into various genres some of which are as follows-

  • Romantic Comedy
  • Romantic Drama
  • Horror
  • Circuits & Sorcery
  • Suspenseful Mysteries
  • Young Adult

There are plenty of new stories that you will find included in the collection regularly. The publisher is very active at delivering content to keep the gamers engaged.

In this game, it all starts with the presentation of a featured book that you can pick or choose from the long list. The first step is to name your game character and then customize the appearance. There is a different character taking up the main role in various books. Therefore depending on the genre and story, you can entirely change your personality in the game. After this, the game displays dialogues and narration about what happens in the story. At each juncture, you get a question with multiple choices to make. The choice you make is the action or decision that your character executes. Depending on the choice you make at each step, the game progresses in different directions. The game bifurcates in various streams for different players. Therefore you get to play ‘fate’ when you play Choices Stories You Play. There is no single right or wrong way to play this game. It is only ‘your way’ when it comes to picking the best way to play Choices game.

The significance of diamonds and keys in the game

Every game has its own set of resources. This one comes with two main currencies for the game, and those are Gems and Keys. Choices diamonds and keys both have their roles to play in the game. With them, you can make decisions or buy clothes in the game.


Every time you complete a chapter, you can earn a diamond in the game. To begin with, every user gets a small reserve of diamonds in the account by default. Once you start playing the game, completing more and more chapters, you get to earn more diamonds.


In the case of keys, 2 keys are available by default. The auto addition of keys happens in the game. Due to the soft cap figure of 2, the game only allows you to earn 2 keys periodically.

How to get diamonds in Choices?

People sweat about Choices app hack options, and Choices app cheats only because getting free diamonds and keys is not easy. Are you wondering how to get free diamonds on Choices? Here are some ways in which you earn Choices Stories You Play free diamonds and keys-

  • Complete a chapter – this awards you a single diamond
  • The other most popular way to earn free diamonds for Choices is to watch ads. There are plenty of ads that you can watch after a chapter. A maximum limit for the number of ads you can watch per day is available. Therefore there is also an upper cap for the number of diamonds you can earn with the default mode.
  • Other than free diamonds for Choices, you can also pay real money to buy diamonds in bulk. You can then use them in your game as usual. Remember that if you have not logged in to your account, the diamonds you purchase will go waste if you lose game data.

How to get more keys in Choices?

Keys add up in the account periodically. Once there are 2 keys in your account, the reserve stops filling. Only after you use the keys will the game deliver more keys. This means that you can only play 2 Chapters in one go when you open the game. Therefore to provide continuous play, the game allows you to buy Keys for real money. Like diamonds, you lose these keys as well when you lose your game data.

Why do you need Choices, unlimited keys, and diamonds?

There are plenty of ways to use all the diamonds and keys you earn in the game. You need keys for the entry into a chapter. Most of them cost a single key. There are times when you might wish to restart a book, and again you might benefit from knowing how to get free keys on choices.

In the case of diamonds, you need them to purchase some elements of the character’s looks. In the middle of the game, some choices cost you diamonds. These might often be the choices that take you to the most exciting direction in the game. From winning your love interest to impressing your date, there are many reasons why you might be making the choices that cost you diamonds. One advantage is that if you make choices that cost diamonds, you can make them again without spending diamonds when you restart the book.

As you can see, there are ways to get Choices game diamonds and keys for free and for real money as well. Free methods that the game allows are slow, and they can dampen the experience of the game. To feel the thrill in Choices, you have to play chapter after chapter to complete a whole book without a break. Choices stories you play diamonds and keys are expensive if you choose to buy them with real cash. Given the many occasions where you might use these resources, you might end up a considerable sum of money.

Can you use Choices mod apk?

One other method that some players rely on is to use a Choices hack tool that comes in the form of an installable mod apk. This is where you would play a rigged version of the game. You risk losing data, and there is the risk of the publisher blocking your account. With all the dangers in using mod apk, you might feel like you are left with no other choice to earn free gems for Choices. Think again! This is where our Choices you play hack comes into the picture. It gives you all the pleasures of tapping into nearly unlimited reserves of diamonds and gems in the game. You can then use these free Choices, diamonds, and keys.

Choices Stories You Play Online free generator tool

This is a simple and straightforward tool that lets you generate as many diamonds and keys as you like for your game. It is designed especially for those who love playing Choices. The generation happens quickly, and you would be able to resume gameplay within a short duration. You can then start your game precisely from where you left, but this time, with all the free choice keys and diamonds. With this Choices diamond cheat, you can play the best Choices stories without any hurdles.

What are the benefits of using these Choices Stories You Play cheat?

  • This Choices key hack is free to use. You would not be spending money to earn diamonds and keys in the game. Without using real money, you will still be able to play the game whenever you want, and however, you want. This ensures that you do not have to spend an extravagant sum to enjoy quality entertainment.
  • Its simplicity makes it a reliable Choices hack tool. Without requiring you to write codes or modifying your phone settings, you will be able to accumulate resources. It comes with a clean interface where you follow some simple steps to earn all the support.
  • There is no need to download any software. Therefore if you do not have much storage space left on your phone, you can easily consider using this tool. If you have a browser installed on your phone or tablet, you can simply use that to access the tool.
  • As there are no downloads required, you can use these Choices you play hack even with a slow internet connection. You will perform all the tasks in a browser, and therefore you just need enough internet speed to load the page and generate the results. Remember that this is not a hoax that tells you how to get free diamonds on choices without verification. You will complete authentic steps to go through a reliable channel to play your game.

How to use Choices game diamonds and keys generator?

Here are the few simple steps to take to earn Choices game free resources:

  • Open the generator tool from a reliable browser. Make sure that you are connected to the internet with decent speed to load the tool.
  • Then comes the process of accessing your account to let the tool know where to credit free keys for choices. For this, the tool requires only one data from you, and that would be your Choices Stories you play username. Go to the section of the page where you find the tab that asks for the username and key it in. Make sure that you have included all the characters that match your exact name to avoid losing the gems and diamonds to some other account.
  • There is the section that calls for entry of the count of diamonds and keys you like. It comes as a convenient drop-down list that makes it easy for you to choose from the possible quantity. We do not allow unlimited resources at one time to prevent the account from being tracked or blocked. We have set a limit based on an optimal value that makes the resources look like a genuine purchase and not like a malicious activity.
  • Once you have selected both keys and diamonds for your account, click on the Generate Now button.
  • There is a tiny window below that shows you the steps that take place once you click the generate button. The first step would be to verify the game account, and the next step would be to gather resources, and then comes the deposit of the resources. Before the final stage, you would be prompted to complete verification.
  • Why should you verify your account? Some malicious bots and apps misuse such generators for free gems for choices. This can lead to affecting the overall security of the tool itself. The verification is simple to ensure that the request is coming from a human user.
  • Once you complete the verification process, you would then find the resources in your account. This can take a few minutes while the resources reach your account.

FAQs about the generator tool

If you are new to using such resource generators for games, then this tool might perhaps be a new concept. Several questions might be running in your mind regarding this hack. Here are some of the common ones that users have and the answers to them.

What happens during verification?

Verification happens in many ways. This can be by prompting you to take a survey or by requesting you to download other apps. If you have a high-speed internet connection, then you can choose the latter. There is a list of free apps that you can download and use for a few seconds. This shows that you are accessing a tool from an authentic device and not a risky platform. This is a step we have reinforced as we work on secure servers to protect the user account details that all the gamers provide us. Once you download and use the app, you can go back to the tool to complete the deposit off resources.

The other option is to take surveys. These are free surveys, and they come with a few simple questions. Most of them are straightforward, and you can finish them in minutes. Once this is complete, the tool page refreshes, letting you know that the verification process is complete. After this, you can proceed to your game account to check for the keys and diamonds for choices in your account.

Why have I not got the resources in my account?

This entirely depends on the communication between the tool and the game servers. Technical issues like lag in the game servers sometimes leads to delays. However, we assure you that the resources you request will surely reach your account.

Sometimes the delay is due to slow connectivity. This is when the tool cannot successfully send its request to the game server. Recheck the process once you have a good connectivity speed.

The other problem could be because the game has not refreshed. For this, you should restart the game once and then wait for a while to see the free keys in choices.

Finally, check whether you have set the Automatic Time update feature on your phone or tablet. Sometimes time mismatch can lead to delays in the deposit. Therefore if your device is set to the right time, you would find the free keys on choices immediately reaching your account.

If none of this works, get in touch with our team to get all the answers you would like.

What is the validity of the Choices Stories you play free gems and keys?

There is no validity period. You can use the free diamonds and keys for choices however you want and for how much ever long a duration you would like. If you have been playing as a Guest in your device, then this trick is not going to work as you need a username where we can deposit the resources.

What can this tool do for my game?

Once you know how to get unlimited diamonds in choices, you can easily change the way you play this game. You would not have to wait for keys to start new books. You can switch between all your favorite books or even start over without worrying about losing keys. Therefore it lets you play the game without limitations.

Will my account be at risk?

No. We tell you how to get more gems on choices without risking your game account. We focus on giving limited count that looks like a purchase from the game store. Secure servers keep your game account detail safe while transaction happens. We do not store any user information, and therefore you do not have to worry about losing personal information.

Wrapping up

If you need a go-to option for Choices you play cheat, then this one pops up as a popular recommendation. The effectiveness of the tool and the quick delivery of resources are among the many features that make it popular.


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