Best Choices Stories 2020

There are several stories that Choices bring for their users. However, some classic choices are popular among users around the world. Here are the best Choices Stories to try-

Choices the freshman


This is an evergreen story that is popular among players of different age groups. For the youngsters, it is a story that is easy to relate to. For the grownups, it is a story that helps them reminisce about their Freshman years.

The Freshman Choices series includes stories in the main series collection and some in the side series as well. All the freshman choices stories in the main series are free to play. Some of the Choices game freshman side series stories cost you diamonds. The moment you being Choices game freshman book 1, it is hard to move away from this series. After Book 4 in this series, there are 2 books for Sophomore years and one each for Junior and Senior years. Choices game the freshman side series includes character-focused storylines for the famous characters in this series.

Choices perfect match


Perfect match choices are one of the smallest collections of stories yet a prevalent one. Both Choices perfect match 1 and Choices perfect match 2 are equally popular. As the name indicates, the ideal match choices are all about working your way to making the right decisions to find your ideal match.

Choices lovehacks


Love hacks choices includes book 1 and 2. This is where your character moves to a new city and makes new friends. With all the relationships that you form, will you find your perfect partner at the end of choices love hacks book 2? There are plenty of options that love hacks walkthrough videos to check out if you do not know what this story is all about.

Choices bloodbound


Adriane Raines might appear like a boss that anyone would like to work with. However, are you ready for the mystery that unravels? You have a lot of twists and turns to explore before you reach Choices bloodbound book 2. Therefore when you are done with both the books in Choices blood bound, you are sure to experience a different kind of story that most storytelling games do not offer.

Choices the Royal Romance


There are 5 stories to try in the Choices game royal romance collection. Once you complete choices, the royal romance book 3, you can also go on to play the Royal Heir and the Royal wedding. From Choices the royal romance book 1 walkthrough to the solutions that you find for the rest of the stories, you can quickly get a picture of the kind of royal affair you get to be part of with this story.

Choices High School Story


Choices high school story walkthrough videos are some of the most popular ones on the internet. This is the measure of the popularity of the series. Instead of releasing a Choices high school story book 4, the game brought 3 new books to HSS Class act in the same series. It takes you back to your High school memories all along.

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